The Story of Bowles Brothers

The Bowles Bros Story

In 1967, Theron Bowles and two of his brothers started their journey into the food industry by investing in an opportunity to package salt, sugar, and honey in portion controlled packets for restaurants and other food establishments. They named the newly formed company Bowles Packaging Co., Inc., and knew that by putting their name on it, they had to do business with a strong commitment to high quality and service. Driven by that commitment, and through a lot of hard work and sacrifice, they earned the loyalty and trust of the people with whom they did business and Bowles Packaging started to grow.

Growth brought on new challenges and opportunities. They were no longer working with just salt and sugar, but with all kinds of spices and food products. Theron had always loved cooking and experimenting with spices to create savory flavor combinations. He could now put his talents and experience to practical use in the business. He spent many hours developing recipes and products that are still being used in restaurants around the world today. (Continued Below…)

(The Story Continued…) By mid-1993, Theron's brothers had retired and he bought out their interests in Bowles Packaging. He had four of his sons working in the business and they were now deeply involved in running the company. Their parents made sure to instill in them honesty, integrity and hard work to maintain the trust and loyalty of their clients that had meant so much to building the company in the past, as well as the commitment to high quality and service on which the company was founded.

Working by his side, and still using his expertise, his sons learned about spices, flavors and product development in order to create new, flavorful products. Theron retired in 1999 and turned the company over to the four brothers. The Bowles brothers now draw on the legacy of the past and bring with them their own talents and creativity to carry Bowles Packaging and Bowles Brothers foods into the promise of the future.